A Red Cedar Log Cabin That You’ll Surely Love And Enchanting

Welcome to this breathtaking log cabin made of red cedar is situated in the Moscow area of Russia, and it is sure to win the hearts of many people. It has a great deal of products that people will find attractive, and it is crammed with them.


As soon as you lay eyes on the log cabin, you are likely to fall in love with it. This is because both the inside and outside of the log cabin are more than you could have ever imagined they could be.

The Kitchen

The kitchen itself is rather spacious, providing plenty of room for both cooking and dining. In a cozy and inviting space, one may prepare meals for oneself or one’s family, regardless of the purpose of the meal preparation.

The presence of chairs with high backs that are arranged in a variety of configurations brings us great satisfaction around the island bar.

Consequently, not only does this result in the establishment of the ideal breakfast nook, but it also results in the supply of additional room for eating.


Taking a second look at the kitchen from this vantage point reveals that it is a very vast room, as can be seen in the previous explanation.

Additionally, in addition to the many storage nooks and log cabinet spaces that are spread around the residence, there is also a buffet that is situated under the window that leads to the garden.

You may be able to get a peek at the kitchen if you are standing in this posture. The faucet that is put on the backsplash behind the stove is one of the things that is distinctive and appreciated at this location.

It is also one of the things that is particularly unique. One of the things that stands out as being unique is this faucet. This tap, which is designed to be easily moved from one location to another, is used purely to fill pots with water.

The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

We have decided to refer to the space that houses the dining room as the sunroom. This is the name that we have chosen to use. You will locate it just around the corner from where you are, exactly.


In addition to being located on both sides of the room, French doors can be found leading out to the patio area, which is not only spacious but also quite appealing.

You have the ideal location for a dinner, which is located in an area that is distinguished by the presence of natural light and beauty. This is the case when all of these factors are taken into account.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This is readily apparent; it is difficult to take a tour of the log cabin and not notice the lovely bedrooms.


Those bedrooms are breathtaking. In this room, there is sufficient space to accommodate a king-sized bed on either side, and there is also a charming nook in the corner that can accommodate either a chaise lounge or a small couch at the same time.

These two choices are both up for consideration. Since there is sufficient space throughout the area for the installation of bedside tables, a wardrobe that is created to order, and a variety of other storage options, the room is open to the possibility of incorporating all of these items.

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