A Poisonous Dragon in South China Sea


In a vast world but it is a very small for the superpowers to compete for geopolitics. As the king of eagles, America can fly everywhere, make more allies, and deploys its military power on every continent, every sea. US ships can patrol anywhere in the world and have a satellite that can see enemy ships everywhere. The South China Sea is an important political geography rich in oil, gas and strategic geography, with millions of cargo ships passing through each year, more than $ 3 trillion a year. Resources in the South China Sea, including fishing, total about $ 60 trillion, which could feed China for many years.

Overall, the South China Sea is crucial for China’s power, security and economic influence over the surrounding area, leading to Taiwan’s unification and future monarchy. The South China Sea is also the gateway to food security, security and the flow of international trade.
Since 2015, the Dragon King has traveled into the sea and built many artificial islands to sleep on. At this time, the Dragon King venom filled the China Sea (China hid weapons, built military bases and deployed missiles that could strike and destroy surrounding countries). Freighters by boat and neighboring countries are terrified of the Dragon King and try to rally against this Dragon King.

The eagle king is also angry with the dragon king and gathers small countries together to seize the sea from the dragon. The eagle set fire to the barn, set fire to the pot, and captured the dragon king’s descendants to force the dragon to give up of the sea. The dragon king did not agree because he understood that “this sea has been mine since before the eagle was born.”

The eagle kept flying up and down to prevent the dragon king from taking too much venom. Because they did not dare to sow poison on the eagle, when the dragon was angry, it shouted threatening and warnings to make a rainstorm, threatening to bite the small countries, which sometimes joined hands with the eagle and sometimes hurt the eagle king’s offspring in return.

The eagle said, “Indra’s law does not allow you to do this. You must share with them and me.” The dragon replied, “Indra’s law is out of your mouth. This is my land, what do you want to claim?” The eagle said, “Oh, if you are stubborn and want to control, you may be challenged.” The dragon replied, “Oh, I’m ready.” The eagle threatens “In this world, Indra has appointed me the only king.”
Conclusion “The dragon hurriedly got up from the water, frightening others too quickly. The dragon should sleep in the sea, take more poisons”

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