Gorgeous Mountaintop Log Cabin, You’ll Fall in Love with!

Welcome to the Bliss little log cabin, which can be found in Blue Ridge, Georgia, in the geographical area of the United States of America, is going to provide you with an experience that you will not soon forget.


Bliss is the name of this mountainside log cabin, and it was designed in such a way that it is not only pleasant but also has a low impact on the environment.

The Dining Area

There is a wonderful white deep farmhouse-style sink in the corner kitchen, as well as white log cabinets and worktops that are very stunning. These wonderful features greet you as you enter the kitchen and greet you with their presence.

There is a large amount of storage space available in this room, and in addition to that, it is spacious and inviting.

Incorporating both the dining room and the corner cooking nook into the kitchen results in the creation of a single space that simultaneously fulfills both of these roles.

In this specific kitchen, the backsplash is made of tiles, which is something that we like. Additionally, the fact that the table is located near the kitchen makes it a perfect area for having a meal with the family.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This property, which is already extremely lovely, is made much more appealing by the presence of enormous closets and stunning vistas, to name just two of its many appealing features.

The accordion-style doors on that closet are quite stunning, and also, there is extra space above it that may be used to store other items.


The fact that this bedroom has a door that leads out to the balcony is much more stunning than the truth you already knew!

You have your very own private space to rest and unwind, and the view is so stunning that it’s hard to believe it’s real!

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

To possess a master bedroom that does not come with a gorgeous bathroom that is linked to it is an impossibility that stretches well beyond the range of possibilities. Without a certain, this log cabin is unrivaled in terms of both its appeal and its level of warmth.


Because it has a corner shower and a jacuzzi bathtub, it is the complete bathroom that you have been looking for and have been so desperately wishing for. For a very long time, you have been wishing for it to come true.

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