A Magical Log Cabin And Beautiful Scenery

Welcome to Log Cabin there are many reasons to fall in love with the Stonegap Bungalow log cabin, including the fact that it will give you with 1,517 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.


The design of the home is also one of the reasons. In the highlands, there is a little dwelling space that is referred to as the Stonegap Bungalow. This bungalow may be located.

The Living Area

Following your arrival at the residence via the entrance door, which is located on the side of the building, you will be transported directly into the space that is made of the living room and the great room.

Everyone can see that this is arranged in such a way that it operates as a wonderful little sitting spot, and this is noticeable to everyone.


On one side, there is a stone fireplace, and on the right side, there are open glass doors and windows that look out onto the deck that are not covered. Both of these features are located on the inside of the room.

When seen from a different vantage point, you can see a portion of the open loft that is positioned on the upper level, as well as the dining nook that is situated on the other side of the fireplace.

It is possible to see both of these characteristics in the photograph. This house has a straightforward arrangement that makes it simple for you to go from one room to another or to greet visitors without creating the impression that you are all crammed into a rather tiny area.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedrooms in this log cabin are all linked to one another, and each of them has sufficient space to accommodate a reasonable amount of people.

A room that has a huge bed, as well as a room that contains a little reading nook or entertainment center, would be the perfect location to employ this piece of furniture.


An added advantage of staying at this company is that a few of the rooms come with exclusive access to the porches. This is a welcome addition to the accommodations.

You should give some thought to incorporating this fantastic feature into your master bedroom. We might envision ourselves sneaking away to Stargaze for a romantic evening out together that we would both take pleasure in.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The showers have been tiled according to the customer’s demands, and the bathrooms are contemporary and pleasant. It is available to you that there is a significant amount of storage space available for your usage.

This log cabin design may feature a variety of different elements, some of which are mentioned in the following paragraphs. These are just a few examples of the available options.


Furthermore, the master bathroom has a tiny vanity that is equipped with a hole that is specially built to accommodate the placement of a stool against it.

Whether you want to apply cosmetics or style your hair in whatever manner you choose, here is the perfect place to do it!

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