A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

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The floor layout of the guest house is open and in addition to those elements,

It also contains a loft. To ensure that this opulent area is able to successfully serve its function as a showcase, it is intended that only a small number of visitors will be permitted to see it.

The massive outcrop of river rock that sits in the centre of the area and is framed on each side by two flames that are roaring to life serves as the focus of interest.

This focal point is encircled by three queen beds and five single beds, all of which are positioned within close proximity to one another in the same room.

The enormous timbers that are used to support the building can still be seen, despite the fact that they have been exposed to the elements and have not been covered by them.

There are certain objects, like antiques and trophies, that have a fascinating history that will blow your mind and make your head spin. certain examples of these kinds of things are.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

There is a priceless hand-crafted boat that is suspended from the ceiling here, 13 trophy elk racks that are positioned over there, and up above a cave that you may go into that is full of crystals and geodes!

You have the option of selecting which of the five patios the lodge has available to you to use, and your decision will be based on which of the various views is most suitable to your individual preferences.

Because it has a fully functional bathroom as well as a kitchenette, this space is adaptable to a broad variety of uses. This is due to the fact that it is furnished with both of these amenities.

This cabin is so unique and such a great and rememberable space! We were driving through and found this last minute-the host was super responsive!

The property was nothing but breathtaking. We found the animal statues and decor so “cabin-feel” like and were so cool.

We loved the double-sided fireplace, the multiple balconies, and the place was extremely clean.

We were provided with plenty of toiletries and towels, We also liked we had towels, and also had access to cleaning products, which made it easy to keep the place clean. Rebekah and Clint were very responsive and helpful.

The lights upstairs did not work the first night upon arrival. Clint came and inspected it immediately and replaced the light switch the next day.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

We were unable to use the grill, as 3 burners did not work, and the fridge was very small so we almost always had to throw our leftovers away because of the space.

This beautiful cabin is beyond impressive and even better in person.

The views are breathtaking and you can spend hours just looking at everything throughout the cabin. The fireplace was amazing and made us feel nice and cosy.

There is so much to look at. We particularly loved the fireplace in the cabin as well as the three balconies on the second level. Rebecka was a great host and very accommodating.

This place is AMAZING! The cabin is beyond describing- you have to see it to believe it. Beautiful views with wildlife everywhere.

Plenty of supplies, clean, cosy and the fireplace is the focal point. The craftsmanship and decor are like nothing else we have ever seen.

This cabin is definitely perfect for the outdoorsman. It’s in a quiet location with gorgeous views from every window.


  • 8 Bedroom
  • 8 Guests
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Bath

and more…

The Exterior of this Cabin

This cabin is really one of a kind, and it is a wonderful and remarkable place to stay.

We were passing through the area when we stumbled upon this place, and the owner was quite quick to respond.

The place was nothing short of stunning in every way. The animal figurines and other items of décor gave off a “cabin vibe,” and we thought they were very neat.

We liked that there was a fireplace on both sides of the room, that there were many balconies, and that the house was very tidy.

We were given a generous supply of towels and toiletries, and we also had access to cleaning supplies,

which made it simple to keep the space tidy. We found that having access to cleaning supplies was really convenient. Both Rebekah and Clint were extremely quick to respond and provide assistance as needed.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

When we arrived the very first night, the lights in the upstairs did not function. Clint arrived promptly, evaluated everything, and then installed a new light switch the next day.

We were unable to use the grill since three of the burners did not work. Additionally, the refrigerator was extremely tiny, and as a result, we nearly always had to throw away our leftovers due to a lack of room.

This stunning log home exceeds all expectations and looks even more stunning in person.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

The scenery is very magnificent, and you could easily while away a few hours simply soaking in the sights within the cottage. The fireplace was fantastic and contributed to our pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

There is a plethora of things to take in. The fireplace in the cabin was one of our favourite features,

and we also liked the fact that there were three balconies on the upper floor. Rebecka was a wonderful host who went out of her way to accommodate her guests.

This location is out of this world! The cabin is indescribable; you just must experience it for yourself to believe it.

Amazing scenery with dangerous animals lurking at every corner. Ample supplies, recently cleaned, and the fireplace serves as the primary point of interest.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

The workmanship and decoration are unparalleled to anything else we have ever encountered.

The outdoorsman will find this cottage to be just ideal for their needs. It’s in a serene setting, and every window looks out into a breathtaking panorama.

The Dining table

This is your dining table, and there are six seats around it.

At night, you may sit down to dinner with your family and spend quality time together.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

This area has a lot of natural light, and off to the right you can make out a bear and a stone wall. The architecture of this room is beautiful.

The Bathroom of the Cabin

This is the cabin, and the bathroom has a very similar layout to this one; thus, in this room, you can see the big tub, the mirror, and the basin.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

Additionally, there are a lot of showering appliances available, so you can take your shower right here.

The Bedroom #1

This is your bedroom, and in your bedroom, you have a queen size bed over here.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

This bed is built by contemporary cabin wood. This room is quite cosy, so you can enjoy your sleeping after you have been working hard, and when you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the café.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View


A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View


A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View


A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

The Second Bedroom of the Cabin #2

This room has a massive entrance, as well as a ceiling that is crafted out of logs, and it is quite open.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

Because it is furnished with a twin bed, the room is suitable not only for couples but also for families travelling with children.

The Third Bedroom of the Cabin#3

The bed is really cramped, but that’s great since this room is nice and toasty; the poster image is still visible on the wall.

A Log Cabin With A Beautiful River View

You can rent this cabin on Airbnb for $275 per night. Book your stay here.

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