A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

Hello, Everyone! We endured to find out for you. In this episode, we will show you “A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way” located in Huntington, Vermont, United States.

This lovely mansion in Vermont can be found on 106 acres of land and has a post and beam building on the site.

The bathroom in this cabin is shared by both of the cabin’s bedrooms, giving it a total of two bedrooms.

The breathtaking ski runs of Stowe can be reached in a car in only forty minutes, while the Bolton Valley Ski Resort can be accessed in just twenty-five minutes.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

You won’t spend more than half an hour travelling to Burlington, where you may take pleasure in meandering around the picturesque streets of the historic downtown region.

It is situated in a convenient location and is just a few minutes away from the Sugarhouse, which is an excellent starting place for seeing the fall foliage in the surrounding area.

Mountain biking through the Hinesburg Town Forest Trails is an excellent way to spend the day,

and when you are through, you can relax at the Stone Corral Brewery with a pint of beer while chatting with some of the locals. This is a terrific way to spend the day.


  • 2 Bedroom
  • 4 Guests
  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Bath

and more…

The Exterior of the Cabin

We were afforded a very high degree of privacy and tranquillity by virtue of the cabin.

I had been on the road for a good portion of the day for business, and I was in dire need of something to look forward to at the end of the day.

To put it another way, there is no activity that promotes relaxation quite like listening to the owls and birds and listening to them is the best.

The bed was so incredibly comfortable that I was able to have one of the most restful nights of sleep I’ve ever had there.

Unfortunately, we were only able to stay for a total of two nights, but we really regret that we were unable to remain for a longer amount of time!

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

The mattresses were quite cozy, and guests had a plethora of options when it came to additional blankets, linens, and towels to use throughout their stay.

Each and every morning, we excitedly anticipated waking up to the breathtaking vistas that could be seen from the windows and enjoying our coffee together at the dining room table.

Everything was spotless, there was a warm and welcoming ambience, and the individual apartments were kept very discreetly apart from one another.

We were able to quickly travel to Shelburne and Burlington, and at the same time, we were able to enjoy the quaint, small-town atmosphere that Richmond had to offer.

The cabin was just fantastic in every manner. We were grateful that everything that we would need was already there, including washing detergent, soap, coffee, and spices.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

This was a great convenience for us. In addition, there was access to the internet, games, and information on activities and attractions in the neighbourhood.

The building of this area included the use of wooden beams, which contributed to the creation of an atmosphere that was warm and inviting.

The location as a whole, as well as everything in it and surrounding it, is extremely pleasing to the sight.

The Living room of the Cabin

A view of the garden can be seen from the living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow natural light to fill the space.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

Because it takes in the whole of the garden, the view that can be taken in from these windows is breathtaking.

If you plan on sleeping on the couch instead of your bed because you believe that doing so would give you more comfort, the sun will almost certainly be the one to wake you up from your slumber in the morning.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

If you want to sleep on the sofa, you should give some consideration to purchasing this item since not only will it make your sleep more comfortable, but it is also something that you will appreciate having.

You can choose to sleep on the couch rather than the sofa even though the sofa has stunning good looks since the couch is more comfy for you than the sofa.

The Kitchen of this Cabin

Excellent cooking materials and the kitchen itself provided almost everything that we need to prepare the meals that we had planned to prepare during our visit.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

The cabin is immaculately clean and stocked with high-quality amenities.

We had a wonderful time sitting in the cosy basement area, which had beautiful picture windows, and doing activities like as watching movies, drinking coffee, and playing games.

Both going for walks in the woods surrounding the property and playing in the front yard while her parents took turns sitting on the porch swing were activities that our dog truly looked forward to doing regularly.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

To put it another way, it was an exceptionally tranquil location from where we launched and concluded each day of our tour of the area.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

Because Burlington, Shelburne, and Stowe are all reachable in a short amount of time by car from the cabin, we decided to spend our days travelling to and seeing the surrounding locations.

We could not agree more that our time spent together as a family in Vermont during our vacation was one of the highlights of our lives.

The Bathroom of this Cabin

The little bathroom provided all of the amenities that we need. Every night, we made supper in that kitchen, and it was stocked with almost everything we had to do so to make our meals.

We had a great time lounging in the comfortable basement room, which included stunning picture windows, and doing things like playing games, sipping coffee, and watching movies.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

Our dog enjoyed going for strolls in the woods that surrounded the property as well as playing in the front yard while her folks took turns sitting on the porch swing.

Simply said, it was a calm spot to start and finish each day of our excursion across the region.

The Loft Bedroom

In the bedroom, where you can see that the bed is exceptionally comfortable and that you had the best night of sleep you’ve ever had on the right,

you can see the light this room is quite bright the pillow and the mattress are both wonderful and you can also see that the room is rather bright the bedroom is quite bright.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

The room in which you slept, in which you can see that the bed is particularly cosy, and in which you enjoyed the most restful night of sleep you have ever had.

The Bedroom

The mattresses are comfy enough, but my husband, who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, finds them a little on the short side.

My favourite part of the morning was looking out the window next to the bed and seeing the gorgeous trees outside.

A Log Cabin That Feels Like Home In Every Way

The fact that our son, who is in his teenage years, chose to sleep on the sofa is perfectly acceptable. Our kid enjoyed having the bed to herself and claimed it was wonderful when she did.

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