A-frame cabin village for tiny homes

Nestled within 9 acres of enchanting Catskills landscape, this tiny home boasts a distinctive A-frame roof, its steep angles creating a uniquely charming exterior.

The front of the home features an outdoor sink tucked beneath a wooden structure adorned with green moss, adding a touch of natural beauty.

As we shift to the back, the sight of smoke billowing from the chimney hints at the warmth within, promising both interior coziness and an outdoor fire pit experience.

Fire Pit Magic and String Lights

Venturing into the backyard reveals an atmosphere of enchantment. A fire pit, alight with dancing flames, invites cozy gatherings under the starry night.

Follow the trail of lights that stretches from the fire pit to the front of the property, creating a magical ambiance.

The glow emanating from the house’s windows beckons, promising a haven of comfort and warmth.

The Interior

Opening the door into darkness reveals the charm within. Divided into two distinct areas, the tiny cabin unfolds its character.

Let’s explore the small kitchenette, a compact space adjacent to the front entrance. Complete with a contemporary black sink, a miniature 1970s-style refrigerator, and basic supplies, it captures the essence of simplicity and functionality.

Heading 4: Cozy Slumber: The Bedroom Retreat

The bedroom is a sanctuary for rest, adorned with a main queen mattress and two additional twin mattresses beneath.

Accommodating up to four people, the space is thoughtfully designed with shelf space, extra blankets, and entertainment options, including local guidebooks.

The heater and fan ensure comfort, making this tiny home suitable for year-round escapes.

Heading 5: Outdoor Tranquility: Private Deck and High Ceilings

The main space reveals 18-foot tall ceilings, providing an airy and spacious feel. Opening the door leads to a private outdoor deck adorned with seating options and string lights, offering a tranquil escape.

This property features three larger A-frame units, perfect for groups or families. Each unit is thoughtfully positioned for maximum privacy and enjoyment.

Heading 6: New Horizons: Exploring a Brand New Tiny Home Unit

Venturing to a different unit on the property unveils fresh perspectives.

The backside of the tiny home showcases intricate design details, with abundant windows framing the landscape.

The backyard features string lights, Adirondack chairs, and a fire pit, creating an inviting outdoor retreat.

Heading 7: Kitchen and Bathroom Delights: Functionality Meets Style

Inside the new tiny home unit, a fully equipped kitchen with a stove top meets practical needs. The bathroom surprises with a full setup, including a sink, toilet, and storage space.

The shower, complete with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, enhances the overall experience.

The main room features a queen-size bed, large windows, a dining table, and a cozy couch, offering a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

Heading 8: Diverse Offerings: The Cozy A-Frames for Couples

Exploring further, discover The Cozy A-frame cabin units designed by the renowned company Den. Perfect for couples, these units showcase thoughtful design, providing a cozy retreat within the expansive beauty of the Catskills.

In conclusion, this tiny home retreat goes beyond mere accommodation. It’s an immersive experience, blending outdoor magic with cozy interiors, creating a haven where modern comfort meets rustic charm.

Whether gathered around the fire pit, stargazing on the private deck, or exploring the variety of units, this Catskills gem offers a getaway that transcends the ordinary.

This is their larger one called The Luxe. You have a nice fire pit set up out back with that big wall of wood and I love how the string lights completely light up the spot, but we’re gonna walk on up. You have those two orange chairs on either side and I even managed to fly my drone straight inside.

You have a queen mattress  with the same kind of nightstand set up  and then a storage and coffee space in that left corner. 

If you look in that far corner then,  you actually even have a wood stove  which I was really surprised to find inside of a tent. 

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