A-frame Cabin That Is Excellent For Unwinding In

Hello, Everyone! We endured to find out for you. In this episode, we will show you “A-frame Cabin That Is Excellent For Unwinding In” in Palomar Mountain, California, United States.

The nation’s capital, is around 60 kilometres away from the location of this picturesque log A-frame that is built entirely out of wood.

If you feel the want to get away from everything and everyone, take a deep breath of fresh air, and take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding forest and lake, then Time Out A-frame is ready and waiting for you to come and stay with them.

They have everything ready and are waiting for you to arrive. If this is something that interests you, then you should visit them and spend some time with them.

They have completed all of the preparations that needed to be done and are now ready for your arrival.


Time Out A-frame is all ready for you to check in anytime you choose to stay there should you feel the need to give in to this temptation.

All of the necessary amenities have been prepared for your arrival.

The A-frame that we constructed ourselves can be found sixty kilometres outside of Tbilisi, right next to Sioni Lake.

There is a principal business district of the nearby Sioni hamlet, which is located in close proximity to this location, and is around two kilometres distant from this location.

This structure has a total of two levels, which results in a floor area that is fifty square meters throughout the width and breadth of the entire property.


  • 1 Bedrooms
  • 2 Guests
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Baths

and more…

The Exterior of Cabin

This floor space is spread out across the building. This floor space is dispersed across the entirety of the building, both horizontally and vertically.

Each of the floors has an area that is proportional to the amount of available floor space on that particular floor,

And the entire quantity of floor space that is available has been split between the two floors.

The ground floor of the house is where you’ll find both the kitchen and the living room, and the floor plan is designed so that the two rooms are open to one another and can be seen from one another.


There is a sofa in the living room, and the kitchen has everything you might want, including coffee, tea, sugar, salt, and oil. The living space also has everything you need to watch television.

In addition to that, the living room is likely to be outfitted with a television at some point.

In addition, there will be a table and seats in the space that has been designated specifically for dining, which has also been set aside.

In addition to this, the space that will ultimately serve as the living area will have cable television set up in the room that is chosen for this purpose.

On the interior of the structure, there is a section with stalls that can be used for changing clothes and relieving oneself.

I would like for you to come inside at this time. It is totally up to you to determine which of the two temperatures of water you would choose to utilize, as you have the option of utilizing either the warm or the cold water that is made accessible to you.

The Loft Bedroom

The attic bedroom was the only one in the home that could see the outside of the house before the addition of the view that is now available from the loft.

This is the lone bedroom in the loft, and there are so many pillows on the bed that it is almost fully covered.


The cushions reach all the way down to the bottoms of the feet, beginning at the very top of the head and working their way down.

Its improved usefulness in comparison to other available choices is largely attributable to the fact that it was so simple to put into action.

This was the situation as a result of how easy it was to put into practice. In the bedroom, there is a table that takes up the area directly behind the bed.

In front of this table are a chair and a desk. By relocating the bed to the opposite side of the room, you will be able to obtain access to the previously inaccessible section.

The light source, which is positioned on the table, casts a large quantity of light onto the table, which in turn illuminates the room.

The table is the source of this brightness, which can be found all across the room.

The Livingroom

The area of the living room that is set aside for people to sit down and relax.

That, irrespective of whether it’s a room or an area, is pretty much the last place on the ground floor that can be utilized in any way.


As a direct result of this, there is a significant amount of open space, and in addition to this, there are a great deal of sofas as well as many other types of seating alternatives.

In addition, there is a fire pit and some firewood available to you to use while you are at this spot.


On the other side, to the left, there is what appears to be a fairly beautiful couch, and on the other side, immediately next to the first couch,

I actually have a second couch that is just across from the first one. Both of these couches are on the same side.


In point of fact, there is a fireplace that makes major use of wood as its fuel source and uses it to heat the room.

The kitchen of the A-frame

On the other hand, each and every one of the household appliances that are housed within this kitchen is of an exceptionally high-end model that makes use of the most recent and cutting-edge technology that is now available on the market.

A-frame Cabin That Is Excellent For Unwinding In


This establishment is outfitted with a number of equipment, each of which creates the impression that it is polished and sophisticated to people who are looking in from the outside.

To get started, let’s take a look at this stove, which doesn’t actually come into view until we go closer to the area where the worktops are situated in this kitchen.

This is a rather roundabout way to get into the topic matter that we will be discussing.

The Bathroom of the A-frame

The sink, the toilet, and the bathtub can all be found inside of the bathroom.

A-frame Cabin That Is Excellent For Unwinding In


On this side of the room is where you will discover the bathtub.

Following that, we will head upstairs to the first of two bedrooms, where we will then open the door to that room.

A-frame Cabin That Is Excellent For Unwinding In


This establishment has a really kind of clean and contemporary environment, and I’m sure you kind of get the point by now, but this place has a very, very white inside.

So, once again, this location has a really kind of clean and modern vibe.

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