A briefing to U.S political objectives and the challenges in 21st Century


In the bank note of US dollar currency, there are symbols that represent the US politics in global ambitions. The one-eye, pyramid, the eagle, and the Latin phrase “ANNUIT COEPTIS” means “God has favored our undertakings” and the word “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM” means the new world order.

The pyramid represents durability and the power; one-eye means being able to see everything in the world (control the information and news). The eagle represents agility, targeting, and being able to travel so far and high.

At the heart of the new global political context in 21th century is a new world order that reflects a desire for the world to follows the American political and economic system and is a restructuring effort to replace the old world order that focused only on power, oppression, colonialism and dictatorship, etc., and turn to building a world based on international law, peace, respect for human rights, prosperity, harmony, democracy, order and mutual respect and represent the conscience of mankind.

But the world must be under American influence. U.S must be a big brother of the world that can force any country and state to follow American prescription and will. U.S will go wherever the human right was abused. Nevertheless, absolutism and extremism which consider itself as the very exceptional power or exceptionalism, will bring the world to global crisis, completion and contesting for supremacy. The 21th century, will be the very serious contesting for supremacy between U.S and China. U.S must know that it can’t force everyone to accept its will and it can’t put everyone under its influence forever.

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