Putin tells U.S to honor its obligation and not to play with fire


MOSCOW, March 3 (Xinhua) – Russia’s Foreign Ministry has urged the US administration to “refrain from flames” after Washington on Tuesday announced sanctions against Russia. Some Russians have accused Alexei Navalny of poisoning the Kremlin. In a statement posted online, the State Department called US sanctions “an attack against Russia” under the pretext of “unreasonable.”

(president Putin)

The statement said: “It has caused a great deal of confusion over its internal affairs. The White House is repeatedly trying to capture images of external enemies. “We reiterate that this American policy is ambiguous and that it is intended to worsen bilateral relations. “The ministry said Russia would retaliate based on the principle of reciprocity and achieve its national interests.

The ministry has asked the United States to honor its obligations and destroy chemical weapons that Russia has not had since 2017. Russia is trying to show that U.S can’t do or abuse everyone as her wishes to do so.

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