Gorgeous Log Cabin On 67 Acres And Amazing Interior

Welcome to The charming Warne Log Cabin in the Woods, which is located close to Murphy, North Carolina, and is equipped with several amenities, including a hot tub, a total area of 867 square feet, one bedroom, and one bathroom.


The Kitchen

Although it may seem to be simple, the kitchen is fully stocked with everything that is required for an effective culinary experience.

If you think that this configuration is more convenient for you, you have the option of constructing a counter that is separated from the eating area by a little bar.

This is something that you may do. This framework and model may be altered in a variety of different ways to accommodate the requirements of your own family in a variety of different ways.

Within the kitchen, which is situated between the living area and the dining room, there is a small bar that is mounted on the wall that is situated outside of the kitchen.

For your convenience, there are a few stools at the bar that are equipped with high backs and are ready for use.


Even though it is an excellent breakfast nook, I enjoy the fact that it could be an extension for children to dine in when you are holding a dinner party just around the corner. This is something that I truly appreciate.

The loft ceiling that is located above the kitchen is the primary focus of your attention, even though you have a somewhat superior view of the kitchen from this vantage point.

The ceilings, walls, and flooring of the whole area are all adorned with exquisite woodwork that can be viewed throughout the room.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Within the open loft that is located on the highest level of the structure is where you will find the log daybed that is positioned on a rug that has a rustic appearance.

A railing can be seen running along the side of the loft, which is located along the side of the loft floor.

As a result of the fact that it is feasible to fit additional chairs, couches, and tables, this room is ideal for use as a small family room, a gaming area, or even as a sleeping place for guests who are visiting.


It is possible to construct a gaming room or a sleeping place for individuals who are living on the second floor by making use of the open space that is available.

It is not something that would be considered a formal bedroom, but it is certainly enough for youngsters to sleep in throughout the night.

Even though it is not a formal bedroom, it is more than enough for children since it has two beds that are nestled against the wall.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Additionally, the log cabinets and walls in the bathroom are constructed of raw wood, and the bathroom is furnished in a manner that is consistent with the same rustic or country chic style for the rest of the room.


To do this, you will need to make use of decorations, rugs, and drapes that are colored in jewel tones.

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